Fura Creative (フラミンゴ) nestled in the heart of Jakarta, Indonesia, is a dynamic collective of creative talents. Our expertise spans across videography, photography, and design, offering a plethora of services that cater to various needs. Our approach is unique and hands-on, breathing life into ideas and concepts that resonate across diverse mediums such as social media content, TV commercials, printed materials, and engaging motion graphics.
What sets us apart is our ability to transform creative visions into tangible, interactive experiences that engage multiple senses. This distinctive approach differentiates us and drives our commitment to not only fulfill client expectations but to surpass them, ensuring the timely and successful completion of each project.
Since our inception in November 2017, our journey has been a whirlwind of extraordinary experiences. The growth and support we've encountered have been invaluable, enabling us to collaborate with some of the most renowned companies and brands in Indonesia and beyond. As we continue on this exciting path, our focus remains on uncovering innovative and novel ideas, constantly refining our services to offer unparalleled solutions. Our commitment is unwavering – to provide the best for our clients and to evolve into an ever more efficient and proficient creative powerhouse.

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